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Investing in the Bay: A $818K Duplex Purchase with Tenants Becomes a Huge Headache

*Name changed to protect identity.*  Andrew, a FP&A Manager of a series C startup, bought a duplex in 2017 for $818,000 in San Francisco with tenants included. What was thought to be a steal ended up being an ongoing headache and a pile of costly legal bills.  In the southern suburbs of SF, his duplex sits […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: How I’m Handling Being Jobless Right Now — Fck*

This article was originally written on March 23, 2020. Life does a good job at hitting me hard at the most inconvenient times. Three weeks ago, I left my six figure job at a San Francisco startup. It was a difficult choice I had been mulling over for a while, and I ultimately made the […]