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VOICES: Wall Street Trader Moves to FANG Tech

Sarah recently moved from the fast-paced world of Wall Street trading to a strategy role at a FANG tech company. For several years, Sarah worked at an investment bank as a rare female derivatives trader. Early in 2020, she accepted a tech offer after several salary negotiation rounds. She’s also a personal friend of ours […]

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VOICES: A Globetrotter’s Perspective on Saving Money and Travel

  Troy has led quite a colorful life, spending his time traveling and working overseas. Coming from the Bay Area, he has a strong knack for teaching and has taught English in Hong Kong. He was also in New Zealand on a working holiday, tending to alpacas, bottling wine in Blenheim, and doing strenuous agricultural […]

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What We’re Reading: May 26, 2020

What We’re Reading Series: We always recommend reading the news, but it can be boring or hard to understand (for us too). So at the beginning of each week, we’re sharing what we’re reading in the finance world and what it means! These next few weeks, we’ll be talking about all the things companies do […]

Career Show Me the Money Voices

VOICES: English Teacher in Tokyo who quit Goldman Sachs

Anna @ Young Money: Emily is a dear friend of mine — we met during our full-time training at the NYC Goldman Sachs headquarters and now bond over Asian-American identities and Ali Wong. Emily worked full-time at GS Hong Kong before joining a dance media and entertainment company in China and then teaching English in […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: How I’m Handling Being Jobless Right Now — Fck*

This article was originally written on March 23, 2020. Life does a good job at hitting me hard at the most inconvenient times. Three weeks ago, I left my six figure job at a San Francisco startup. It was a difficult choice I had been mulling over for a while, and I ultimately made the […]


Voices: Welcome Emily to Young Money

Our new series “Voices” dives into the different relationships we all have around money. How fascinating that every person spends money differently and is motivated to save for their own goals. We’re kicking off our new “Voices” series by chatting with Emily! Emily recently joined the Young Money team and is Community & Growth Lead […]

Money 101

Investing Lessons and Mistakes for Your Stock Portfolio

Investing can seem overwhelming — there are so many terms and theories! Sharing a few common mistakes and lessons that are common for people starting out.

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Anna’s Homeowner Interview by Live with Plum

In January, I did an interview about being a first-time homebuyer with Live With Plum. I have so much to say about my home ownership and real estate investing experience, but it’s taking time and effort to put my thoughts together. Until then, I’m sharing my interview and some additional insight in green! When looking […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Sustainability in Times of Pandemic

Earth Day just passed on April 22. In light of the broader economic situation, we are sharing money-efficient sustainability tips. You don’t need to spend any money to be sustainable. In fact, most of us will have more impact from consuming less, reusing and donating within our communities rather than uphauling our lifestyle. In collaboration […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Facing a Layoff in LA

Until recently, Davy worked in Business Operations at Bird, an urban electric scooter startup that fired one-third of its workforce due to COVID-19.