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VOICES: A Start-up Growth Manager Who Still Deals with Money Impostor Syndrome

Liz is currently a growth manager (the link between sales and marketing) at a growth stage mid-size tech startup. Throughout her winding twenties, she’s switched industries, negotiated her salary, managed student-debt, used money for good, and navigated the controversial world of partner finances. *Name is altered to protect identity. See more #ShowMeTheMoney interviews or contribute! […]

Money 101 Young Money Cares

Donor-Advised Funds: A Win / Win for Repeat Givers

As part of our new series, Young Money Cares, we’re sharing some tips on how to make charitable giving a regular part of your budget. Intro to Donor-Advised Funds & Their Benefits Donor-advised funds (DAFs) allow you to bookmark your investments that have appreciated (increased in value) for charitable giving. No Capital Gains Tax: Because […]